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Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
ISSN 0577-9170; DOI 10.6503/THJCS


“Learning” and “Method of Learning” The Learning Methodology of Confucianist of China in History

Vol. 26 No. 1   6/1996  


“Learning” and “Method of Learning” The Learning Me thodology of Confucianist of China in History


Shu-sheng Yu









Key words

Confucianist , Learning, Methodology


      The Confucianist thinking is the representative of the traditional Chinese learning methodology. The learning methodology of Confucianist originates and develops in a special historical background. It possesses a particular point of view through which the problem of leaning has been studied, as well as a series of special theoretical issues that the Confucianist pay close attention to which are reflected in a series special categories (concepts) and postpositions. Therefore, to study the traditional Chinese learning methodology, an effective approach is to analyze logically the relevant categories and reveal their historical development. Based on this point of view, in this paper, “learning” and “the methodology of learning” are discusses at first, and then , the several relevant important issues are analyzed. Finally, the author proposes that the characteristic of the traditional Chinese learning methodology are as follows: First, the learning methodology of Confucianist is based in cultivation theory, the key problem that it concept is the relation between how to plan the learning of knowledge and the enhancement of spiritual realm. Second, an essential characteristics of the traditional learning methodology of Confucianist is that it more value act in the relationship between act and knowl edge stressing the realization of Man’s Value is self-transcendence in daily life, and therefore, the apriority value meaning of daily life. The third based on the cultivation  learning methodology includes the contents of epistemology as one of its part, reflecting the doctrine that value precedeces. But the problem is that It confuses value ration with means ration. In the end, this learning methodology pays attention to the mental state and intuition, and regards multivation of good psychological state as an important aspect of Learning.



Author: Shu-sheng Yu
Genre: Article
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