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Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
ISSN 0577-9170; DOI 10.6503/THJCS


A Study of Sang Yue and His Chu Ci Ping

Vol. 36 No. 1   6/2006    


A Study of Sang Yue and His Chu Ci Ping


Nicholas L. Chan









Key words

Sang Yue, Chu Ci Ping, Qi Shi Er Jia Ping Chu Ci, Chu Ci, Literature in the Ming Dynasty


  In the first half of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), when the imperial autocracy was expanding and Neo-Confucianism was orthodox, the study of Chu Ci was in a low key. Sang Yue 桑悅 (1447-1503) , a forerunner of classicism, composed Chu Ci Ping 楚辭評, the first work about the study of Chu Ci in the Ming dynasty. This book was never published and is no longer extant, with only 25 entries of its fragments kept in Qi Shi Er Jia Ping Chu Ci 七十二家評楚辭, edited and published by Jiang Zhi-qiao 蔣之翹in the late Ming period. Through an examination of Sang Yue's life and his works and a general depiction of his literary ideas, this article investigates the 25 entries of Chu Ci Ping's fragments in order to clarify the questions about the circulation, the authenticity, and the composition background of this book.In addition, on the basis of the 25 entries of the fragments, the original content of Chu Ci Ping is studied so as to further understand the literary thoughts of Sang Yue, the features of the study of Chu Ci and the literary vogue, and the circumstances of a changing academic climate in the mid-Ming times.



Author: Nicholas L. Chan
Genre: Article
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