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Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
ISSN 0577-9170; DOI 10.6503/THJCS


New Discoveries of Chinese Poetic Collections from Dunhuang

Vol. 38 No. 1   3/2008    


New Discoveries of Chinese Poetic Collections from Dunhuang  


Ming-chang Yang  









Key words

Dunhuang, poem, Song Zhiwen, Li Ang, Geshuhan, Changsha kiln, manuscripts  


  This paper amends and revises some parts of Chinese Poetic Collections from Dunhuang written by Xu Jun. This paper identifies some authors of some works by means of textual research: P.2673 Chu du ling guo shaozhou lingjiu guangguo er si qi siyuan xian gjie gu tong shi 初度嶺過韶州靈鷲廣果二寺其寺院相接故同詩 andJiang shang ji qing 江上羈情 belong to Song ZhiWen; P.3906 Pinshi shuqing 貧士述情 comes from the handwriting of Geshuhan; and Damoxing 大漠行 may have been written by Li Ang. This paper supplements some of these manuscripts with other manuscripts. The poem, "xi xi duo xhang ye 夕夕多長夜" can be seen in BD02126 and "song yuan hai tong da 送遠還通達" can be seen in BD01957V;  both poems also appear in 4V held at the Fu Ssu-nien Library at Academia Sinica. All of them can be seen on vases produced by the Changsha kiln. Hanshipian 寒食篇 can be seen in S.6208V+ S.3227, and jinyipian 錦衣篇 can be seen in P.2598V. Finally, this paper amends some addenda of some works: "er yue geng yong yong爾曰更顒顒" (chu du ling初度嶺 ) and "huang yun an an ri guang ye黃雲黯黯日光耶"(da mo xing大漠行  should be "erri geng yong yong 爾曰更顒顒" and"huang yun an an ri guang xie 黃雲黯黯日光斜".  



Author: Ming-chang Yang
Genre: Article
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