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Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
ISSN 0577-9170; DOI 10.6503/THJCS


The Two Research Opinions in Libai’s Poem from the True-false Controversies of “Zhenjia Ge”

Vol. 29 No. 1   6/1999  


The Two Research Opinions in Libai’s Poem from the True-false Controversies of“Zhenjia Ge


Chin-sung Chian









Key words

Poem, LiBai, Zhenjia Ge , Fictitious, Reality, Seven-syllable quatrain to rhume poems, Tonal Patterns, Rhume


      LiBai, “ Zhenjia Ge” has always be controversies over true-false opinions. The part, which advocates the poem is fake, considered the different live years between LiBai and Zhenjia as the major proof. The writer of this article does not want to join in this debate, but through this he sets up two new opinions of LiBai’s poems.

    The first, LiBai used the first person “I” in the“ Zhenjia Ge ”. According to the general poem composition rules, we think that LiBai has written the poems as his true life. So if LiBai and ZhenJia have met each other in their lives becomes one of the important true-false contents.

    But the writer has truly found a special style that mixed “fictitious” and “reality” together in LiBai’s other poems. What is the truth of this style?

    The second, the tonal patterns in the “ Zhenjia Ge” are very special. It is very similar to the style in exchange poems of Tang XuanZong and Zhang-Shui. Compared with the seven syllable quatrain to rhyme poems in the tonal pattern development since Tang Dynasty, the upper similarity was not only a perfect mutual understanding but also overstep of this development. How to annotate in this style?

    The article will provide and explain to the readers who making research of LiBai’s poem the two new opinions.



Author: Chin-sung Chian
Genre: Article
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