Model Calligraphy of the Chunhua Archive and Modeling on the Past in Qing Calligraphy

Vol. 40 No. 3   09/2010    


Model Calligraphy of the Chunhua Archive and Modeling on the Past in Qing Calligraphy


Mok, Harold, Kar-leung









Key words

Model Calligraphy of the Chunhua Archive, Qing calligraphy, copying in calligraphy  


    The Chunhuage Tie (Model Calligraphy of the Chunhua Archive) has become an important model for calligraphers since its production during the Northern Song. Widespread and far-reaching, its influence has been phenomenal in the history of Chinese calligraphy. Throughout the ages, it has been looked upon as the epitome of revivalist ideals by innumerable calligraphers, who imitate, interpret, and reinterpret the Jin tradition while copying this anthology of calligraphy. In fact, the prevalence of this anthology was a catalyst for the advancement of the Model-Calligraphy School in the Jin tradition. Its influence receded in the Qing Dynasty, however, as repeated re-carvings eroded the credibility of available versions at a time when the Stele School of calligraphy was on the rise. This essay attempts to trace the rise and fall of the Chunhuage Tie from the early Qing through the mid- and late Qing. To put the discussion in its proper context, the Qing views on copying ancient masterpieces, the study of calligraphic works, and calligraphic history are analyzed in relation to the development of the Model-Calligraphy School.



Author: Mok, Harold, Kar-leung
Genre: Article