THJCS Vol.52 No.1 has been published

Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies Vol.52 No.1 was published in Mar. 2022 with the following five articles:


  1. Narrating the “Self” in Works of Natural Science: On Travel, Life and Historical Emotion in the Youyang zazu ( Chen Po-yen)
  2. On the Shared Origination of Sound and Number: The Image-Number System and Philosophical Meaning of Musical Temperament in the Zhouyi shilun hebian (Lee Chung-ta)
  3. The Recognition, Use and Response of Tianjin Customs to the Hydrology of the Lower Reach of the Hai River in the Late Qing Dynasty (1861-1899) ( Yu Po-ching)
  4. Trans-Medial Romance: The American Factor in MP & GI’s Urban Films and Eileen Chang’s June Bride ( Chao Chia-chi)
  5. A Geolinguistic Analysis of Family Language Use in Taiwan, Based on the 2010 Census ( Ang Uijin)


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