THJCS Vol.51 No.2 Special Issue on Song Studies (II) has been published

Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies Vol.51 No.2 was published in Jun. 2021 with the following five articles:


  1. Reading Across Genre in the Literary Works of Su Shi (Ronald Egan)
  2. The Literary-Historical and Bibliographical Significance of Banri Shukyu’s Chochuko: A Japanese Commentary on Huang Tingjian from the Muromachi Period (Midorikawa Hideki)
  3. On the Features and Poetic Significance of Lu You’s Poems on “Expressing Anger” and “Feeling Anger” (Huang Yi-jen)
  4. Two Modes of Historically Interpretive Writing in Northern Song Biji: A Discussion Centered on Ouyang Xiu’s Guitian lu and Su Che’s Longchuan biezhi (Lee Chen-hui)
  5. Lüfu as Sources for Northern Song Intellectual History (Douglas Edward Skonicki)


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