THJCS Vol.50 No.4 Special Issue Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Publication in Taiwan has been published

Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies Vol.50 No.4 was published in Dec. 2020 with the following five articles:


  1. [Feature Article] Some Remarks on E-evidential Research: The Case of Cao Xueqin’s Great-uncle Cao Quan’s Date of Birth (Huang Yi-long)
  2. A Re-exploration of the Buddha Nature Theory of Ling-Wei Bao-Liang (Hsieh Hsien-yi)
  3. The Liujia Bagua and Qinjiao Liuchi Burial Calculation Methods in the Tang and Song Dynasties (Yu Gege, Guo Yongqin)
  4. From Tang Fiction to Ming Opera: An Observation on the Transformation of the Term Chuanqi in the History of Literature (Kang Yun-mei)
  5. Tears, the Yellow River, and Hydraulic Technology: The Flood Trauma in The Travels of Lao Can (Hsu Hui-lin)


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