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Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
ISSN 0577-9170; DOI 10.6503/THJCS


A Biographical Study of Bao Zhao(I)

Vol. 21 No. 1   6/1992    


A Biographical Study of Bao Zhao(I) 


Robert Shanmu Chen









Key words



   Bao Zhao (409-466) is one of the three major poets of the Yuanjia Literature of the Liu Song Dynasty. His poetry has been wel appreciated, and recently its popularity even tends to surpass that of the poetry of Xie Lingyun. However, few textual and critical researches have been done on accounts of Bao Zhao’s life and official career. Ever since Zhong Rong and Liu Zhiji, literary and historical criticisms on Bao Zhao often resent with regret that Bao Zhao has fallen into oblivion, for the history books did not record his biography, due to his humble status, though he had extraordinary literary talents. And modern chronologists on Bao Zhao have often adopted traditional information about Bao Zhao are available in history books and are sufficient to summarize an essential account of his life and to confirm his status as an important favorite courtier in the imperial court of Emperor Xiaowu. 

    Accordingly, this biographical study will first examine and clarify such controversial issues as Bao Zhao’s birth date, native place, social status and official posts and offices, namely, princely attendant, sub-prefect, Erudite of the University, Drafters of the Imperial Secretariat, and in the provincial office of Military Secretary, and further confer that Bao Zhao had long been in the imperial decision-making center in the region of Emperor Xiaowu and deeply involved in the Yijia Revolt, and finally it will explicate the implication of Shen Yue’s decision and arrangement to attach an account of Bao hao’s life to the biography of Prince Yiqing of Linchuan, and confirm that Bao Zhao was highly-esteemed in the Song Shu. 


Feng Er-kang Biography of Emperor Yong Zheng 

Pei Huang 






Author: Robert Shanmu Chen
Genre: Article
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