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THJCS Vol.49 No.2 has been published.

Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies Vol.49 No.2 was published in June 2019 with the following five articles:


1. A Linguistic Analysis of the Author and Text Formation of Xinian on the Bamboo Slips Collected by Tsinghua University (Wu Hsueh-ju)

2. The Twofold Loop of Ethics and Aesthetics: Contemporary Cultivation and Criticism of the Mencius and the Zhuangzi (Tan Kang Lin)

3. The Internal Other: Zhuangzi’s Thoughts on the Relationship between the Limitations of Life and the Possibilities of Practice (Liu Tsang-long)

4. Modeling the Ancestors and Discoursing on Learning: The Publication of Ming Taizu’s Literary Collection - the Gao huangdi yuzhi wenji - and Its Significance from the Mid to Late Ming (Kwok Ka Fai)

5. On the Derivation of hun55[33] su55 in the Yilan Zhangzhou Dialect and Its Related Issues (Hsu Hui-chuan)


For further information, please visit the journal’s database:  /p/412-1452-8612.php



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