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THJCS Vol.49 No.1 has been published.

Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies Vol.49 No.1 was published in March 2019 with the following six articles:


1. The Concept of Ming in the Mengzi (Li Cuiqin)

2. Bodily Movement and the Paradoxes of Life Cultivation in the Zhuangzi: Taking the Cook Pao Ding as an Example (Mathias Obert)

3. Yingkui Lüsui and the Reconstruction of the Jiangxi School of Poetry (Ling Chung Wing)

4. Ming Dynasty Qi Learning in the Philosophies of Luo Qinshun, Wang Tingxiang and Liu Zongzhou (Chen Chia-ming)

5. The Concrete Universal in Mou Zongsan’s Philosophy (Shi Wei-min)

6. Shuttling Between East and West: Ye Si, Hong Kong Literature, and Modern Chinese Literature from the Perspectives of German and French Scholars (Connie Ho-yee Kwong)


For further information, please visit the journal’s database:  /p/412-1452-8612.php



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